Shinjuku Electrical Walk

2023 / 90’ min
Active Listening / Field Recordings

SOMA Ether V2
Zoom H6

Since 2004 Christina Kubisch has developed her Electrical Walks in 93 cities of the world. Checking the archive, I realized Tokyo was not listed, despite the tests for the project were taken there. Thats the reason I decided to design a route around Shinjuku Station. Probably, one of the most dense electromagnetic landscapes in the city.

On the walk it’s easy to listen to hundreds of sounds produced by lighting systems, cellphones, traffic lights, ATMs, vending machines, surveillance cameras, pachinko games, neon advertising, anti-theft security devices, intercoms, etc.
Noises vary in timbre, tone, or rhythm. Some are unique and some generic. 



Sound speleologist working with various media.