Experiri Ensemble

Bcn Crea Grant 2023
In collaboration with Mike Cooper & CC Convent de Sant Agustí.

Experiri Ensemble is an ongoing improvisation workshop that promotes intergenerational dynamics of inclusive, diverse, empathetic, and egalitarian creation. It fosters an intuitive and non-hierarchical process where listening to 'the other' is deemed almost more important than one's own execution.

The workshops offer the opportunity to share with diverse and like-minded individuals of different ages and backgrounds. The participatory, collective, and collaborative methodology not only encourages dialogue but also generates interactions beyond the musical realm.

Every performance is valued; musical expertise or achieving specific outcomes are not prerequisites. It is about embracing the diversity of perspectives.

According to many studies, improvisation in music therapy is considered to have specific benefits for particular populations and can lead to improvements in certain neurological disorders, depression, stress reduction, and anxiety.


Sound speleologist working with various media.